I find an early morning walk is a great way to consume podcasts on a regular basis.

Below are my favourites so far this year, with a little comment under each from me.

I’ll update this list as I come across more great episodes. A bit of a skew to…

Media and marketing scribes in Australia were ignited somewhat last week with news of the imminent awarding of one of the largest outdoor media contracts in Australia — the City of Sydney’s street furniture and outdoor advertising assets. The official timetable quotes February as the expected announcement date.

Comprising over…

I completely agree that the on-air behaviour last Friday by Alan Jones and subsequently on Monday and Tuesday this week was abhorrent – especially by a so-called pillar of the community. I applaud Louise Herron for standing her ground during the interview.

What I found more interesting however, was that…

It arrived on Friday morning at the office. The TNT Courier looked at my wrist, spotted my 25 year old TAG Heuer and said, “…why do you need another one?”

It’s been fun, but now (72 hours later) the honeymoon might be over. Here are my thoughts:


  1. Slow — The…

Top Gear in the Northern Territory in 2014 (Season 22)

Recently, a former boss of mine with more passion for what he does than almost anyone I’ve met, left an amazing job to take the “EXIT door into the unknown” as he puts it. When I heard the news I sent him this text:

Now this is not the end…

“There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Source: sutton-images.com

I think there are clear comparisons between the worlds of Cricket and Formula 1.

Both are steeped in tradition and folklore. Both are institutions in their own right. Both command a…

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