Top Podcasts for 2019 🎧

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A great podcast with unprecedented access to some of the best minds in tech and business. This episode explores in detail the concept of the Technical CEO, the Sales CEO, the Product CEO and so on - all the things that a startup CEO is faced with in the early days of building a business. Some real gems here for sales and relationship focussed businesses — advertising agencies in particular.

One of Formula One’s true characters, Eddie talks passionately about his early days building a Formula 1 team with very little of anything— giving Michael Schumacher his debut in 1991 — as well as the importance of family, and how to get a deal done the “Irish way”.

A great chat with Scott Belsky who founded Behance with his very useful notepads. Any entrepreneur will enjoy Scott’s perspective on building businesses and building teams to run them.

A former colleague of mine at DDB Sydney, Mark’s chat with Fernando is a thoroughly refreshing look at marketing at scale in the modern era. He talks openly about how Burger King works with ad agencies, and how they get the best bang for their marketing buck. To get a sense of how Fernando’s mind works, check out his engagement with YouTuber Casey Neistat here and here.

Another motorsport podcast, although this was not the theme I took away. Rob has worked with some of the modern eras most ruthless and tenacious racers and through it all has amassed wisdom beyond his years. I look forward to seeing where he goes next. A guy you’d love to have a couple of beers with at the pub.

Game Changers is one of my favourite podcasts because people in radio are such good story-tellers. What I really liked about Craig’s chat with Kyle was how structured and strategic Kyle has been to get where he is today. One gem from this episode is Kyle’s barb to (podcast host) Craig, who was Program Director at Sydney’s 2DayFM at the time, “…I don’t give a f**k what time the news happens mate, I’m not going to sacrifice a talk-break for the news. So you can f**k off!”

Masters of Scale must be the most over-produced podcast in history. The bespoke sound effects and production values are off-the-scale. This episode with Dropbox founder Drew Houston is great. Host Reid Hoffman is a very good story-teller and in every episode he always unearths some brilliant insights. In this episode for example, they dissect middle-management and the negative impact it can (and usually does) have on businesses trying to scale. There’s a great Steve Jobs story in there too.

I tweeted about this new podcast from Andreessen Horowitz and was very honoured to be retweeted to their follower base of over 345,000 people! The most recent episode featured an obligatory review of the new iPhone cameras, the associated services and the state of the wearables category. If you want a great 16 minute dive on what’s topical in tech this week — make sure you subscribe to 16 Minutes. Other episodes have covered real-time payments, opioids, and mobile malware.



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Mike Boyd

Mike Boyd

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